Long before I ever thought of making pet care my career, it was my passion. I was that kid -- the one spending my allowance on scrap meat to feed the local strays. The one bringing those strays home. Growing up in Poland, I had plenty of opportunity to answer that nurturing call. I set my sites on becoming a veterinarian. Of course, real life has a habit of intervening, and like many of us, I veered to another calling -- studying English Philology (the study of language) at the University of Lodz.

But animals were always in control of my internal GPS -- and I soon found myself far from home, but right back in a very familiar space: surrounded by animals as a veterinary assistant at Hollin Hall Animal Hospital in Alexandria, VA. During my three years with the DC Metro-area vet, I gained invaluable knowledge in basic animal care, learning to recognize various illnesses in dogs and cats, becoming proficient and comfortable with administering medication and vet-recommended care and maintenance. But I craved more one-on-one, less sterile interactions and more connection with my four-legged patients. I found that at Arlington Dog Nanny, where I was lead walker and at Woofs! Dog Training School, where I completed an apprenticeship and began working as an assistant trainer. Positive Reinforcement techniques were the guiding principals at both businesses, a science-proven approach that complements my natural dynamic with dogs. I was in my zone and learning all kinds of new tricks from my many teachers -- dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments schooling me in body language. (I don't need any app to communicate with dogs -- I know they tell me everything with their bodies. Too often, humans aren't listening).

My listening skills are heightened by my deep interest in spiritual discovery and my practice of Reiki, as well as Bengston healing. Reiki And Bengston Healing Method is all about energy -- and I had spent most of my life reading and responding to the energy of dogs and cats to make them healthier, happier, calmer and more at peace. Animal energies are pure. That doesn't mean they're simple creatures. They just don't clutter their souls and minds with worry, judgment and other joy-blockers. Humans, well, we can be our own worst enemy. Animals live their lives in search of ultimate comfort -- physical, mental and emotional. And that's why they're big fans of Reiki. They don't worry about science behind it, they don't overthink "Does it even work?" They know what feels good, and they ask for more. 

Your pets will tell you as soon as they meet me: I'm the one for them -- because that's where I've always been: on the side of animals.