Canine Massage Therapy

Long ago, we accepted the power of massage for helping us bipeds cope and alleviate the effects of stress and physical and emotional imbalances. We have been massaging each other for hundreds of thousands of years. Now, we are finally using massage to comfort and help our pet animals.

Everyone knows how to pet and scratch a dog. Petting and scratching dogs is one of the great pleasures in life, for both dogs and their attentive people. Everyone who pets and scratches their dog sees how much their dog enjoys it. Petting, scratching and rubbing are aspects of pet massage, but they are not the whole story.

Pet massage is substantially–profoundly–more and different. Consider the difference between the results of a casual shoulder squeeze and the way your body feels after an hour-long therapeutic massage session.

The shoulder squeeze may offer a slight amount of brief, pleasant relief; the full-body massage, on the other hand, can create a course adjustment to your body that can alter your entire quality of life.

What Are the Benefits?

Massage is known for its ability to offer both mental and physical relaxation. Physical touch reduces stress and has been shown to alleviate anxiety and aggression in nervous dogs. They become more used to human interaction and are positively rewarded for it by the physical pleasures of massage, all while healing their emotions. Calming and relaxing your dog will also help heal traumas and illnesses, so the relaxation aspect of massage helps here too.

Improve Circulation
Stimulating the muscles and tissues of the body increases circulation and this improved blood flow brings healing. Increased circulation allows more oxygen to reach the tissues and if there are any wounds, inside or outside of the body, this oxygen will promote faster, more comfortable healing. Massage has also been shown to improve range of motion and lower the heart rate. This also relieves muscle spasms and reduces toxic compounds like lactic acid, which cause pain and discomfort.

Early Detection
Getting a feel of your dog’s body is beneficial when it comes to early detection. I'll be able to feel wounds that you can’t see through your dog’s coat, or any lumps and bumps that might be developing inside your dog’s body. These things can be felt before seen, so noting what’s abnormal will help your veterinarian determine the issue. Early detection is critically important in treating many illnesses and massage will certainly help.

Every massage session is additionally infused with Reiki healing energy, as well as an application of Essential oils and sound therapy using sound bowls and tuning forks. 

Holistic Wellness Consultation

Every new client will receive support from me about alternative and holistic methods in which they can promote their pet's health. I can advise on many ways that you can support your pet's wellness, be it through nutrition and supplements, exercise, basic behavior modification, changes to their environment, or first response in case of medical emergencies. I want to empower owners in taking more responsibility for the care of their pets, and give them confidence knowing they have more control over their furry family's well-being. my desire is to help them understand that there are many ways in which they can help their pets to live a healthier, fuller, longer lives.

Pet Reiki

Your pet is not feeling well, what do you do? Make a call to your veterinarian for an appointment! That is absolutely the right thing to do for your pet. After a careful check-up, a diagnosis is made, treatment is completed, medication is prescribed, and soon enough, your pet is as good as new. Right?

But what if it isn't?

What if even modern veterinary medicine somehow hasn't been able to address the issue? Or what if the healing your pet requires is not of a physical nature?

Traditionally used as a healing tool for people, Reiki is a wonderful healing practice to help our pets, who many of us consider a part of our family. 

There are many ways that Reiki can help your pet. 

  • Supports and accelerates physical healing such as injuries and post-operative recovery
  • Emotional support: help with emotional traumas, especially helpful with rescued dogs, puppy mill dogs, post-accident recovery
  • Relieves anxieties and behavioral conditions such as chewing, destructive behaviors, separation anxiety, environmental fears
  • Provides support for pets at the end stages of their lives
  • Chronic illnesses: provides relief and supports traditional therapies for chronic conditions
  • Wonderful tool to promote well being and as preventive care for healthy pets
  • The best part about Reiki, is that it cannot cause any harm. There is no risk of it interfering with other methods of care and you do not need to worry about human error. Reiki considers the whole being, and gently orchestrates the healing process that is most needed for your pet at the current moment. 

You don't have to believe in Reiki for it to work. It exists, it's here, all around us, in every cell of our bodies, in every particle that surrounds us. All it requires is our intention of love and healing. Trust it. You animal does.

I use Reiki in conjunction with Pet Massage each time. 

Distance/absentee sessions also available.

The Bengston Energy Healing Method®

The Bengston Energy Healing Method® is an innovative healing technique that has been shown to be effective on a wide variety of conditions. Dr. Bengston has been conducting research on this form of energy therapy for several decades and has proven the effectiveness of his technique in 10 controlled animal experiments conducted in 5 university biological and medical laboratories. His healing research has produced the first successful full cures of transplanted mammary cancer and methylcholanthrene-induced sarcomas in experimental mice with hands-on techniques that he helped develop. Mice that had successful full cures also had no recurrences of cancer.

The Bengston Energy Healing Method®, is not only the first (and so far, only) form of hands-on energy therapy that has systematically been proven to cure cancer, it is also remarkably different from any form of energy healing with which therapists may be familiar. Many who have been trained in other energy modalities and then are trained in the Bengston Method acknowledge that there is a distinctive, undeniable and unparalleled intensity to it. If Reiki, for example, is a gentle stream, the Bengston Method is Niagara Falls. 

Bengston Method appears to hyper-stimulate the immune system in mice. This means that, rather than shrinking tumors, the energy seems to hyper-cycle tumors out of the body. With the lab mice, the tumors literally “exploded” out of their bodies.

Although all the formal research has been done on cancer, clinical experience shows that it is also extremely effective for other health challenges, including allergies, asthma, skin disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, gastrointestinal disorders, and much more. It is equally effective on animals, children and adults, and equally effective hands-on or at a distance. 

For treatment, Dr. Bengston generally recommends sessions a week apart. They can be done more frequently, but that does not appear to improve the outcome. It seems that, with this modality, the human body takes about a week to process as much energy as is received during a treatment, and that trying to give more energy sooner is like topping off a cup that is already full. 

Dr. Bengston also discovered that cotton and water can be “charged” with this particular energy. Applying charged cotton to the tumor site of a cancer client appears to draw some level of diseased energy out of the body and at the same time continuing the Bengston Method energy as treatment. Depending on the type of cancer and location of tumors, or certain other health challenges, charged cotton appears to support the progress of therapy. 

We are a very long way from discovering the full potential of this remarkable and truly unique energy modality. For more details, please go to Dr. Bengston’s website at, and to to order his book, The Energy Cure, or his set of CDs, Hands-On Healing.

I offer Bengston Healing Method hands on, and at a distance. All treatments will be supported with charged cotton or water, as well as with group healing sessions that I'm part of, with close to 15 more Bengston Method Practitioners.

Fee $250, session will include a combination of services above.